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The footprint bound

Studying the set of common zeros of systems of polynomial equations is a fundamental problem in algebra and geometry. In this post we will look at estimating the cardinality of the set of common zeros, when we already know that … Continue reading

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The coefficient formula and Chevalley-Warning

We discuss the new simultaneous generalization of Chevalley-Warning and Morlaye’s result on polynomial equations over finite fields obtained by Pete Clark. Continue reading

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Incidence Bounds and Interlacing Eigenvalues

The Szemerédi–Trotter theorem is one of the central results in discrete geometry which gives us a (tight) bound on the number of incidences, i.e., the number of point-line pairs with the point lying on the line, between finite sets of points and lines … Continue reading

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Alon-Furedi, Schwartz-Zippel, DeMillo-Lipton and their common generalization

In the post Balls in Bins I wrote about a combinatorial function which denotes the minimum value of the product among all distributions of balls (so ) in bins with the constraints . It turns out that this combinatorial function is linked … Continue reading

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A timeline of the polynomial method up-to combinatorial nullstellensatz

Over the past 30-40 years, the so-called polynomial method has developed into a powerful tool in combinatorics and (additive) number theory. There has been a lot of recent interest in it after Dvir’s  paper on the Kakeya conjecture, where he … Continue reading

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On Zeros of a Polynomial in a Finite Grid: the Alon-Furedi bound

My joint paper with Aditya Potukuchi, Pete L. Clark and John R. Schmitt is now up on arXiv: arXiv:1508.06020. This work started a few months back when I emailed Pete and John, pointing out an easy generalization of Chevalley-Warning theorem using something known as … Continue reading

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Chevalley-Warning Theorem and Blocking Sets

The classical Chevalley-Warning theorem gives us a sufficient condition for a system of polynomial equations over a finite field to have common solutions. Affine blocking sets are sets of points in an affine geometry (aka affine space) that intersect every hyperplane. … Continue reading

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