PhD Thesis

I defended my PhD thesis titled “Some contributions to Incidence Geometry and Polynomial Method” on 20th of December 2016 at Ghent University. A pdf version of the thesis is available here*, and a video recording of my defence can be seen here (slides). My jury members were Bart De Bruyn (my PhD supervisor), Simeon Ball, Bruce Cooperstein, Hendrik Van Maldeghem, Leo Storme, Koen Thas and Marnix Van Daele (chair of the committee).

* The images on the front and back cover of the thesis are drawings of the split Cayley hexagon \mathrm{H}(2) and its dual \mathrm{H}(2)^D, respectively. I obtained the tikz code of these images from here and then tinkered with it. The colour scheme is due to Aparajita Nath.