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First talk in an international conference, Irsee 2014

A couple of days back I gave a talk on some of the research work I have been doing for the past one year in Ghent. The talk was in the conference Finite Geometries, Irsee 2014, and can be found … Continue reading

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A note on the Hall-Janko near octagon

I recently found out via some computations in my research work that the Hall-Janko near octagon contains suboctagons isomorphic to the generalized octagon of order . I couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere in the literature but it seemed like something … Continue reading

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Learning finite geometry

I have just finished my first year as a PhD student in the Incidence Geometry research group at the Ghent University. In the past one year I have learned, or at least tried to learn, some finite geometry and related … Continue reading

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